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Sandland (P1) Image 1
Sandland (P1) Image 2
Sandland (P1) Image 3
Sandland (P1) Image 4
Sandland (P1) Image 5



Inkjet Print on Epson Archival Matte

Sand is a valuable natural resource that is used all around the world in the production of building materials, computer technology, aeronautics, and in the process of land reclamation. However, the significance of sand in Singapore is unlike that in any other nation. Being one of the world's largest importers of sand, the island city-state's demand for these aggregates continues to grow with the ongoing progress of the young First-World nation.

Image 1: When I was young, I thought these were massive sand castles. I never really understood why they were fenced up, why I could not play in them.
Image 2: I was told by my elders that is a protected area. "Sand builds our nation and just like how we need to protect our country, we need to protect our sand."
Image 3: "Our sand", they said.
Image 4:"All these are ours?" I remember wondering about our trees, our grass and our water..."
Image 5: "What about them? Don't we need to protect them too?"

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Click here to view Part 3 (video work).


Sandland Large Format Installation.jpg


Photos were taken with a large-format camera. They were then developed, scanned, and printed on archival matte paper. The companying text is a reimagined narrative of a resident who grew up in an apartment overlooking Bedok Sand Reserve.


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