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38cm x 38cm

Inkjet Print on Ilford Galerie Smooth Cotton Rag

My late grandfather and I used to share many long conversations together. As the end of his days drew nearer, he spoke of how every being would eventually return to earth. No matter what sort of life they have lived or whatever they have possessed and achieved, Nature does not discriminate. Inspired by one of the last few conversations I had with him along with the Chinese belief on moths association with death, Dust to Dust is a quiet reminder of how all life will return to the very soil where life begins.


Dust to Dust was the winning artwork of the Sovereign Art Charity Student Prize 2017 (University Category), Singapore.


Exhibited at The Private Museum as part of ND81 'In Relation' Photography Exhibition in 2016.

‘In Relation’ is an exhibition showcasing photographic works from 12 photographers and artists. The works explore a range of personal and interpersonal relationships with the spaces they inhabit and the objects within them. - ND81

Exhibited at Singapore Contemporary 2017 along with 19 other finalist works of the Sovereign Foundation Student Art Prize. Dust to Dust was sold in a silent auction where 50% of the proceeds went to charity.

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