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2017 - Ongoing

101cm x 134cm

27cm x 42cm

Inkjet Print on Ilford Gallerie Smooth Cotton Rag

Death by Man is a photographic investigation and documentation of Singapore's wildlife through a journaled obituary. It showcases the array of animals we are privileged to share our island home with, the individuals we have lost, and all we could possibly be losing. The project uses evocative visuals and narratives to highlight the plight of wild animals that have perished due to human activities and rapid urbanisation. The wildlife obituary urges people to recognise the value of each animal's life and to reflect on our relationship with wildlife in the city.


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'Death by Man' was exhibited at the ADM Show 2018, held at the National Library 'The Plaza', Victoria Street, Singapore. For updates and behind-the-scenes on this project, follow @deathbyman on Instagram.

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An extended collection of 'Death by Man' portraits was exhibited at 'The Wild & Us' event in celebration of World Wildlife Week 2021. The event also consists of a Youth Wildlife Forum and education booths by ACRES and NUS SAVE. 'The Wild and Us' is directed and organized by Jasvic Lye.

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