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View of the rapid from the bridge above Maribaya waterfall.

Lichen growth on the metallic bridge waterfall.

One of the many abandoned structures found along Taman Hutan Raya nature trail.

Accumulated thrash along a seemingly abandoned dam within the nature park.

Captive deers resting on wet, muddy ground in a seemingly abandoned area of Taman Hutan Raya.

A sore eyed male covered in mud begging for food in Patenggang (Penangkaran Rusa).

One of the entrances to the Japanese Cave used during WWII in 1942.

Village houses along the route up to Tebing Keraton.

Family pets roam freely in the village.

View upon reaching the entrance of Tebing Keraton.

A Hill Myna stares out from its dome-shaped cage at Dusun Bamboo Family Park.

A boat-store selling Satay in Bandung's Floating Market.

Hungry Koi fish being fed by visitors of Bandung's Floating Market.

Clear view of Kawah Putih at 7am before the thick fog rolled in.

The blue-green sulphuric lake of Kawah Putih.

Heavy fog rolls in from the hills beyond, consuming the visibility in Kawah Putih right after this shot was taken.

Couples on paddle boats in the midst of the drizzle and heavy fog in Patenggang Lake.

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